Everything You Need To Hire,
In One Place!

Everything You Need To Hire,
In One Place!

Seamlessly Attract Talent From Everywhere.

You don’t need to go from site to site to post jobs. Job posting is now Seamless! It’s simple! Create your jobs here and advertise them on all these channels, in just a few clicks!

Job Sites Newspapers Social Media Your Website
Insidify.com Guardian Facebook Embed
Jobberman.com Punch Twitter Referral
NgCareers.com Vanguard LinkedIn
MyJobmag.com The Nation
Tracking Applicants is now unbelievably Seamlessly easy!

You will see that the ease and speed with which you’ll be able to find the best candidates and run through the entire recruitment process is almost magical!

  •   Collate Applicants from everywhere
  •   Sort and filter based on almost any criteria
  •   Move candidates along the recruitment channel
  •   Recruit with your team
  •   Make notes and comments on candidates
  •   Schedule interviews
  •   Collate interview notes
  •   View several statistics on the recruitment process.

Sieve the Best from the Rest, seamlessly!

Choose from several Tests or upload yours seamlessly with our Applicant Testing Technology.

  •   IQ Tests
  •   Aptitude Tests
  •   Personality Tests
  •   Skill Tests
  •   Upload your own Test

With our e-invigilator technology, thousands of candidates can take your tests with ease on their phones , tabs and computers anywhere in the world and you will get the results seamlessly, instantly.

Run Background and Medical Checks

We have partnered with Background Check International and Mecure Healthcare to seamlessly provide you background and medical checks just with a few clicks. After you order for these checks, our partners will fulfill the entire process and all you’ll get is results – in record time!

Background Checks

  •   Academic Certificate Verfication
  •   Previous Employment
  •   Professional Certificate Verification
  •   WAEC Certificate Verification
  •   Personal Reference Check
  •   Address Confirmation
  •   Credit Check
  •   Criminal Record Check
  •   NYSC Certificate Verification
  •   Criminal Check

Medical Checks

  •   Full Medical History
  •   Vital Signs
  •   Blood Group
  •   Genotype
  •   Retroviral Screening V1&2
  •   Hepatitis B sAg
  •   Pregnancy Test
  •   Urinalysis: Colour, appearance and pH
  •   Chest X-ray
  •   ECG

Save and Download the Entire Process

Because you hired seamlessly from A to Z, you have won yourself the right to download the entire recruitment process seamlessly!

For each of your candidates, you can download:

  •   The CV
  •   Cover Letter
  •   Team Comments and Reviews
  •   Test Results
  •   Interview notes
  •   Background Check Reports
  •   Medical Test Reports
  •   Messages and Interactions
  •   Statistics.

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